Season 1
Season 1
What is the Exploration Films Podcast?

Podcast co-host, Carl Moeller interviews Steve Greisen (the founder of Exploration Films) about what to expect from this podcast. Get the inside scoop on your favorite Exploration Films flicks … behind the scenes stories, obstacles in the filmmaking, funny anecdotes, and more.

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Exploration Films is a leading distributor of faith and family movies and documentaries. Their focus is to deliver inspiring content that elevates the culture and evokes the best in the human soul. This is a place where curious truths and uncommon minds meet.

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With hundreds of great films, documentaries, history, concerts, children’s programing and more, is a new streaming service that reflects your Christian world view. It’s a safe-harbor in the storm. 7 days free trails, no commitment, no hassle, no kidding.

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