Season 2
Season 2
The Savior S2E12

That’s The Savior, a Bulgarian produced-Jordanian acted film about the life of Jesus by an Arabic cast of known actors. To know how they made this film, we talked with John Dorr, The Savior producer. Dorr was raised in Palestine as a missionary kid. His sensitivities to Muslim culture make him uniquely qualified for his project.

Dorr shares how they bring to life the story, and through great story telling convey what Christian’s believe in a way that Muslims understand.

Dorr reflected on his childhood living in the middle east and how his mother’s profession, author of novels and biblical historical books, changed and marked his approach to historical characters. About another filmography, Dorr tells us how they structure their films and for what and the importance of the decision to stick to chronological order. In addition, some stories during filming and a great date about the dub in English audio and future plans.

Savior movie clips:

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