Season 2
Season 2
Dangerous Diplomacy: The Story of Carl Lutz S2E7

The occupation of Hungary by the Third Reich changed the life of its citizens, especially Jews, forever, to prove that even in the darkest times, there are people who want to do the right thing and are willing to put themselves in grave danger to help others.

One of them was Carl Lutz, a Swiss diplomat who saved over 62,000 Jews in the most extensive rescue operations of Jews of the Second World War. His Christian upbringing and the things he saw during the Conflict Arab-Jewish in 1936 set his future path to help as many Jews he could. With the interventions of Carl Lutz, stepdaughter Agnes Hirschi-Grausz we can understand his personality and the frustration he had to handle for not being recognized by his country when he was still alive. The final thoughts about a man who was a hidden and unlikely hero and what we can learn to put into action in the present.

Bryan Boorujy, director of the documentary Carl Lutz: Dangerous Diplomacy, shares his life and the repercussion of his actions as well the way he found this story and the idea of the film, besides all the difficulties to get funding and the post-production issues.

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