Season 2
Season 2
Master Designer - The Song S2E8

Every life has an intention in this vast world, and animals also have a purpose that sometimes we take for granted. To enlighten us and change our perspective about the animal world around us, we talk with Steve Greisen, writer and director of The Master Designer – The Song, an inspiring documentary about the incredible and brilliant design of animals resulting from the Master Designer.

Steve Greisen, founder and president of Exploration films, talks about why the film is animal-based and how the film idea came through the experience of the series Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution and the amazing 3 year journey it took to make this film.

In this documentary, you discover the force behind nature through history and fascinating facts about six animals as the bees and their importance, the American bison and their history with native Americans, and crickets and their song; that name this documentary.

Discover the documentary segment Science vs. God and reflect on God’s creation as Steve Greisen described: “The animal world is a beautiful reflection of God’s heart.”

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