Season 2
Season 2
Before The Wrath S2E9

Is Jesus really coming back to earth?
This is a question that most people ask in desire for proof of this second coming. Researchers and theologists discover, through investigations in Israel and Turkey, proof that the prophesied Rapture is true. The film Before The Wrath was conceived to share an important discovery about the ancient Galilean wedding.

Director Brent Miller Jr. shares his journey of curiosity in the desire for more evidence of the truth that leads him into the faith and known the bible “as a genuine source of history and spiritually true” and shares what event shook him profoundly to start this path. Also talks about the damage of removing prophecy, of taking eschatology out of the context.

Before The Wrath had to deal with some obstacles through pre-production and even delay the premiere to the first weeks of the pandemic. Brent Miller Jr. shares the way of these events and the technical decisions as to the mood of aesthetic to match the topic in the film. Don´t miss his final thoughts and advice for filmmakers.

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