One of the Strongest Creatures on Earth!

He’s one of the strongest creatures on earth with the ability to lift 10 times his body weight and, as if that’s not enough, he’s also a modern day dragon…the only creature with the ability to produce fire to defend himself. The creature?  The unlikely bombardier beetle – and this tiny bug has really been bugging evolutionary theory.

David Hames, the host of our show, grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia and was no stranger to the bombardier. One day while wearing shorts and out fishing a bombardier landed on his thigh and decided that David was a threat. The result was a blast of fire that left a scar that looked like someone had extinguished a cigarette on David’s leg! So when it came time to introduce this tiny creature David had first hand knowledge of it’s power.

What has been bugging evolutionists about this beetle is its remarkable abilities and the problems they pose for slow process evolution.

The bomber has three unique chambers in it body. Two contain explosive chemicals and when mixed in its third chamber that holds a catalyst – they explode!  Twin tail tubes at the back of the insect can rotate 360 degrees to direct this ‘blow torch’ toward any encroaching threat. Now this begs the question: How did such a complex system evolve?  Can evolution explain this? It simply can’t. The tiny bombardier beetle burns down their theories and is a giant illustration of God’s planned design.

The Bombarder Beetle is features in “Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I”.
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