tj-tn-bosnia.jpg Bosnia

"If there's one thing I've learned about non-American cultures (especially third world countries) spontaneous visits can - and often do - turn into epic events. This was no exception."

tj-tn-brazil.jpg Brazil

"When I saw our pilot pulling seats out of the plane, as well as emptying some of the fuel, I realized weight must be a major consideration. Okay, so how many batteries and tapes do we really need to bring? Renaldo, our Brazilian bush pilot, had been flying in this region for years so I was fairly confident."

tj-tn-colorado.jpg Colorado

"We finally finished up outdoors and moved inside where I ran sound for the actors. I still wake up in the middle of the night saying their lines, which are now permanently embedded in my memory."

tj-tn-ethiopia.jpg Ethiopia

"We drove 25 minutes outside of town and hiked 40 minutes up a mountain, only to be greeted by the same children/salesmen from Axum who had run barefoot over the mountain to be with us. Unbelievable."

tj-tn-france.jpg France

"We squinted our eyes as we stepped off the escalator leading up from the subway in downtown Paris, France. Yet again, it was my esteemed colleague Bryan and I looking for cultural shots in the most romantic city on earth together. Whoopdeedo."

tj-tn-holland.jpg Holland

"Having lived in Amsterdam for several years, I wanted to show Dave, my colleague, some of the sights and a few of my favorite eating establishments. We were midway through a twenty day, seven country intensive shoot schedule and were in definite need of a break."

tj-tn-india.jpg India

"The day of our departure we received a warning that some were plotting violence against the Christians there. I remember gathering with other Indians and Americans in a hotel room to discuss these accounts and to provide an opportunity for anyone who wanted to back out. "

tj-tn-kenya.jpg Kenya

"Suddenly, there it was. About fifty yards away - a female lion staring right at us. We oohhed and aahhed at her for a few minutes and left to ride around some more. Later when we rode back near that same spot, we saw her again."

tj-tn-romania.jpg Romania

"Border crossings between Hungary and Romania are supposed to take a long time. It takes awhile to search a car and interrogate its driver. They never know if they'll find forbidden guns, pornography, or bibles."