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Article: Remarkable Animal Series Examines ...

Article: Remarkable Animal Series Examines ...

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Article: Remarkable Animal Series

You probably remember seeing it in science class: The drawing depicting the evolution of man that explains how we evolved from a generic embryo to the human form we know today. Back then, you probably didn't give it much thought. You accepted it as fact because, well, it was in the textbooks and textbooks are always accurate, right? Read more ...

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Article: Remarkable Animal Series

By Michelle I. Zavala

You probably remember seeing it in science class: The drawing depicting the evolution of man that explains how we evolved from a generic embryo to the human form we know today. Back then, you probably didn't give it much thought. You accepted it as fact because, well, it was in the textbooks and textbooks are always accurate, right?

Wrong, unfortunately. That drawing by German naturalist Ernst Haecke, was debunked by the scientific community in the late 1800's, yet it continues to appear in scientific reference guides such as Gray's Anatomy and is presented as fact in today's schools.
Until recently, resources to refute these theories have been few, but a new video series titled Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution provides the answers many have been seeking. In this series, Dr. Jobe Martin, a scientist and former evolutionist, offers intelligent explanations of why the evolutionary process can't work. The series was based on Dr. Martin's book, The Evolution of a Creationist.
"Evolutionary belief is based on the premise that plants and animals don't evolve something new until it is needed", Dr. Martin says, "Yet evolution simply cannot explain the origin of the unique animals presented in this video series".

Dr. Martin's journey from evolutionist to creationist began in 1971 when two students challenged him while teaching at the Baylor College of Dentistry. A scientist with an impressive list of credentials, he was receptive when the students asked him to consider creation science as an option.

"When they approached me, I'd never heard of creation science before", he says. "Everything in my life had been grounded in evolutionary science, and I had only been a Christian for a few years. I didn't know there was a conflict between my belief in God and my belief in evolution."

But once Dr. Martin began studying the assumptions behind evolutionary science, he was amazed that, though not valid, these ideas continue to be accepted as fact. The very foundation of his scientific education was shaken. "Today, these assumptions continue to be taught as fact in high schools and colleges everywhere", Dr. Martin says.

"It was a five-year struggle for me to begin to flip the way I thought, I moved my thinking from evolution being the only answer to realizing that certain animals and insects had to be created fully formed or they wouldn't have survived the first day of their lives. There's just no other explanation for their existence."

A number of his discoveries are addressed in Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I and II. From whales and elephants to beetles and woodpeckers, the spectacular photography and straightforward explanations will fascinate and inspire viewers of all ages.
The Pacific Golden Plover is an outstanding example of a creature that seemingly breaks the rules of evolution. According to the theory of evolution, birds' migration patterns change as needed, going further north in the summer if it's exceptionally warm or further south if a winter is colder than usual. The consistency of the Golden Plover, however, defies evolutionary science.

This little bird weighs half-a-pound and lays approximately four eggs that hatch in 24 days. After laying the eggs, the bird migrates from Alaska to Hawaii. This is a herculean feat because the trip is an 88-hour, nonstop flight.

To prepare, the Plover eats extra amounts to increase its body weight by 70 grams of burnable energy. When flying, it expends one gram of energy per hour. Theoretically, the bird should fall into the ocean before arriving in Hawaii, but it never does. Dr. Martin illustrates how the bird is made them to fly in formation and save enough energy to make it to their destination.
Evolution cannot explain this incredible migration over totally unknown territory. Even a side wind could put them off course by hundreds of miles, but mysteriously they migrate back to the same exact spot each year.

Dr. Martin's presentation and arguments caught the attention of veteran film producer Steve Greisen of Reel Productions, a multi-award winning production company based in Monument, Colorado.

"Here was a professor who was willing to stand against the flow of agendized ‘science' and was willing to tell the truth about the educational deception that has pervaded our schools for years", Greisen says. "These shows are immediately popular with viewers because they involve fascinating animal footage. And the animals speak for themselves."

In a time when Christians are hard-pressed to defend their faith, the Incredible Creatures series is an excellent education and witnessing tool. The answers provided in this video series are sure to arouse curiosity in all viewers, including Christians. According to Dr. Martin, one startling fact he learned while lecturing around the country was that "A majority of Christians are evolutionists and don't even know it".

Perhaps this can be attributed to the reality that Christians don't spend a great deal of time thinking about evolution. But Dr. Martin points out one important purpose for creation and why we should use it to define our foundational beliefs.

"God reveals himself to us in two ways: Special Revelation, which is through the written word, and General Revelation, which is through his creation", he says. "Once we study the things God has made, we discover there's no way any of this could be here without a Creator, a Designer. It couldn't have happened by chance."

The Incredible Creatures series is designed to help you and your family learn about the myths surrounding evolution. The compelling cases presented in these videos are guaranteed to stimulate questions and provide answers that are not only rational, but also Biblically based. The series can also serve as an excellent foundational curriculum for homeschoolers.

The Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution Series will remind every member of your family of a fact we must always remember--we are all incredible creatures that defy evolution.