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Exploration Films Distribution

Exploration Films is a leading distributor of faith and family values-based programming. Based in Monument, Colorado, the company’s operating strategy and primary focus is the distribution of inspirational and uplifting films and documentaries. Our films seek to elevate the culture and evoke the best in the human soul.

Founded in 1994 by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve Greisen Exploration Films has grown as one of the leaders in bringing quality films to market including a leading distributor into the digital world. Current distribution includes:

  • Retail Distribution - Digital Distribution – Digital TV / Video on Demand and Subscription Video On Demand, and AVOD. We work with major platforms including Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, Network, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Amazon Prime (20 countries), Hulu, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube Pay-Per View, Google Play, M-GO, Viewster, Adrise, Faith.films, Christian Cinema, Pureflix, Christian Movies Direct, and a growing number of additional ‘new media’ distribution outlets. Our digital distribution partners deliver digital content.
  • Domestic and International Home Video Market – General Market, Christian, Catalog, and Institutional markets including distributors, retailers, internet e-commerce, independent rep groups, direct mail catalogs, library, educational, Christian Retailers, Churches, Christian Non-Profit Organizations and Homeschool
  • Broadcast Television – including Christian Television, Mainstream Television & Cable, International Broadcast and Foreign Language broadcast television.

Exploration Films currently represents a growing library of over 300 films! We work with clients like HarperCollins, The Acton Institute, Colson Center, and numerous others. We have seen remarkable success over the years with some of our titles selling over a million units, and others in the hundreds of thousands! Not every film finds this level of success, but our prolonged marketing commitment gives each film an opportunity.

If you have a film you would like to submit for distribution please fill out the information below.