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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution
Audio Special (a $9.95 value)

This audio special enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal remarkable designs that cannot possibly by explained by evolution.

*Learn about a beetle that can produce FIRE to defend itself without exploding? Here is a modern day dragon that is really bugging evolutionists.

*Hear about a bird that as a non-swimmer navigates over 4000 miles of ocean and lands right on target at its destination every time and NEVER gets lost. This bird has knocked evolutionary theories off course!

* And find out why the remarkable long necked giraffe doesn't die every time it bends down to get a drink of water. Scientists say with its powerful 2-foot long heart and long neck it should blow its brains out. You won't believe the reasons why it doesn't.

Listen to this Audio Special and you'll hear about these and other animals that are so INCREDIBLE they are shaking the very foundations of evolution.