VALUE PACK: For the Life of the World DVD & Field Guide

VALUE PACK: For the Life of the World DVD & Field Guide

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This Value Pack comes with the entertaining film series, For the Life of the World, and its companion Field Guide.

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"For the Life of the World is the best treatment of faith & culture ever put on screen. Just outstanding." — Andy Crouch, Executive Editor, Christianity Today.

For the Life of the World is an entertaining film series that explores the deeper meaning of Salvation. Have you ever wondered, “What is my Salvation actually FOR?” Is it only about personal atonement, about getting to heaven, or something that comes later? Is it just to have a “friend in Jesus?”

Join Evan Koons and his friends – Stephen Grabill, Amy Sherman, Anthony Bradley, Makoto Fujimura, John M. Perkins, Tim Royer and Dwight Gibson – as they discover a “new perspective,” the BIGGER picture of what it means to be “in the world, not of it.” This seven-part film series will help you, your friends, church or organization investigate God’s Economy of All Things – OIKONOMIA (a Greek word that has a lot to say about God’s plan for his creation, the world, and us.)

Explore how God’s purposes are woven into every area of our lives: family, work, art, charity, education, government, recreation and all creation! The Bible calls us Strangers and Pilgrims, living in "the now and not yet" of God’s Kingdom Come on earth. We are also called to be salt and light, to have a transforming presence among our neighbors. Rediscover the role of the church and how our lives lived on earth matter in God’s plan for the world.

The companion Field Guide jump-starts group and individual investigation and includes additional content to enhance the film experience. The Field Guide is a premium, semi-gloss, full color, 78 page booklet that is perfect for study groups, organizations, and individuals who want a more in depth and interactive experience of this incredible, faith-based series.
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Language: English
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Rated: PG
DVD Release Date: 2015
Run Time: 129 minutes total
Closed Caption: 13 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)

Exile - Episode 1

Does your faith cause you to hide, overpower or blend into your surroundings? The twists and turns of culture can leave us a little confused. Actor-Writer Evan Koons calls on friends Stephen Grabill, Amy Sherman and Dwight Gibson to investigate the bigger picture of our faith and the purpose of our daily lives on earth. Together they look through a new lens to discover something often forgotten: we are not home yet. This new, and old, perspective gives every area and moment of our lives significance in God’s purpose for the whole world. Rediscover the eternal song that fills everything with God’s beauty and intricate abundance.

Love - Episode 2

Actor-writer Evan Koons interviews young and old about their mysterious and often hilarious journey into “family”. Supplied with new insights, Evan invites Amy Sherman to explore the origins of the first family and is surprised to find family is a lot like compost: messy, fertile soil for growth. Evan sends Dwight Gibson on a mission to find the “perfect family.” Instead, Dwight discovers a family living “for the life of the world.” And Evan learns the purpose and design for family plays an important role in God’s plan for his creation.

Creative Service - Episode 3

Some say we work for bread and butter, bringing home the bacon, or earning our crust. Is work only about survival? Actor-writer Evan Koons and scholar Stephen Grabill search for the fruit of our daily labor. Through our work, talents are exchanged, creating a mysteriously vast network of relationships that bless the world with abundance. Explore how work in its original design is communal, creative, and reflective of a God who is also…a worker. Dwight Gibson takes the exploration further as he reads a riveting story to The Little Acorn kids. Together, they find out the true nature of a tree.

Order - Episode 4

In some parts of the world injustice is more common than justice. What causes this breakdown in communities and nations around the globe? Scholars Stephen Grabill and Anthony Bradley join actor-writer Evan Koons in a garden full of creative potential. Together, they explore our role as gardeners in the world and how hospitality transforms communities into places of human flourishing. When everything seems safe and in order, a Stranger suddenly pays a visit, testing Evan’s new found understanding of hospitality and justice. Just in time, Chief Exploration Officer Dwight Gibson delivers a small package with a message from John Perkins about our God-given human dignity.

Wisdom - Episode 5

Actor-writer Evan Koons joins Stephen Grabill in the art of bread-making as they explore the purpose and nature of knowledge. To some knowledge is power, about getting ahead, or about climbing a cultural ladder of success. What if knowledge was about love? Stephen unveils how shared knowledge about God’s world grows, producing abundance and blessing. Chief Exploration Officer Dwight Gibson receives a brain exam at Dr Tim Royer’s Neurocore studio, and then sends Tim off to a classroom to demonstrate the wondrous expanse of the human brain. Tim reminds us that we are “wonderfully made” in God’s image, created to participate in his creativity.

Wonder - Episode 6

We work to be useful, while personal beauty or excellence gives us value. We worry about our significance compared to others. We wrestle for our piece of the pie, and then collapse anxious, depressed, depleted and very alone. Discover how Wonder restores us and draws us into a deeper relationship with our Creator-God. Actor-writer Evan Koons chats with scholar Stephen Grabill exploring what it means to Behold and appreciate God’s goodness. Evan is inspired to be “useless” in God’s creation and “becomes like a child” to appreciate the wonderful world around him. Artist Mako Fujimura speaks from his studio, reminding us that Beauty is the door to the Gospel – the story of God’s extravagant, gratuitous love.

Church - Episode 7

Actor-Writer Evan Koons prepares for a feast, the biggest party of all time. Before the celebration, he and his band plunge the depths of “anamnesis” and “prolepsis.” Discover how these profound concepts reveal the eternal reach of our every day lives on earth. Hear from scholar Stephen Grabill about the mission of the church in the world. And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Evan discloses the profound metaphor hidden in a tiny acorn. It might transform your view of everything! Rediscover the church as the body of Christ in the world, bringing healing and restoration to all creation.