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Poverty Cure- Global Edition

Poverty Cure- Global Edition

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PovertyCure is a series on human flourishing and challenges conventional thinking and reframes the poverty debate around the creative capacity of the human person, made in the image of God.

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Listen to the voices of entrepreneurs, economists, political and religious leaders, missionaries, NGO workers, and everyday people as host Michael Matheson Miller travels around the world to discover the foundations that allow human beings, families, and communities to thrive. WE ASK, "HOW DO WE ALLEVIATE POVERTY?" But the real question is, how do people create prosperity for their families and their communities?

The purpose of this series is to encounter our brothers and sisters in the developing world not merely as people in need, not as aid recipients, not as charity projects, but as human beings created in the image of God and endowed with His divine creative spark. It's time to change. Let's shift our focus from aid to enterprise, from paternalism to partnerships, from poverty alleviation to real human flourishing.

We often ask how to alleviate poverty but the real question is, how do we create wealth? How do people in the developing world create prosperity for their families and communities. It is time to rethink poverty and unleash the creative potential that fills the developing world.

1. Poverty That Hurts - This episode explores examples how even the best of intentions can bring more harm than good... and what can be done to actually help.

2. The Entrepreneurial Calling - The best way to reverse the cycle of poverty in an area is to create jobs. And the best way to create jobs is to release entrepreneurs to do what they do best.

3. Justice for the Poor - To bring justice to poor communities, we must have the same faith in their ideas and efforts as we do in our own.

4. Circles of Exchange - It's not enough to "teach a man to fish." He must also have access to the pond. This episode explores the barriers that prevent the poor from participating in the same circles of exchange that bring prosperity to the well-off.

5. The Power of the Gospel - To effect real, meaningful change, we must do more than look at the systemic issues. We must also look at the habits of the heart and the only solution to human nature, the transformative power of the Gospel.

6. Churches, Communities and Culture - The Church needs to ensure that the specific models and practices it puts into place to help those living in poverty actually prove beneficial in the long-term, not only in the material sense but also in the cultural and spiritual sense.