ROTSM.jpg Rebellion Of Thought

"So what happens when the group of people who've been reared on this kind of post-modern thinking then become our surgeons, our bankers and accountants,police officers and judges?"

-David Fletcher, Assoc. Professor of Philosophy/Wheaton College

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ForbiddenBookSM.jpg The Forbidden Book

“The Forbidden Book” is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Hosted by Dr. Craig Lampe, this one-hour documentary takes you on a fascinating journey through time. Follow our film crew across Europe as we SHOW YOU all the important places of Christian history.

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IndestructableSM.jpg The Indestructible Book

Retrace the historic path of God's Word from Mt. Sinai to Plymouth Rock. Meet the scholars, teachers, and missionaries whose passionate faith preserved The Indestructible Book!

A four part series on 2 DVD's.

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Chronos-small.jpg Chronos

This epic visual and musical journey, produced for the IMAX screen, transcends history, from the cradle of civilization to modern day Paris. This program features startling time-lapse images of the Vatican, the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and nearly 50 other natural and manmade wonders, and is notable for being the first nonverbal, nonfiction program filmed in time-lapse photography.

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tn-first-love.jpg First Love Commemorative Edition

The late 60's and early 70's were a time of tremendous upheaval in American culture as the hippie generation abandoned the values of their parents, turned to drugs and away from materialism, and went on a search for love and peace. It was out of this tumultuous era that young, musical voices began to surface. These newly converted musicians began singing about the new hope they had found through Jesus Christ. 2 DVDs & 2 CDs.

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tn-given.jpg Given To Him - The Worship DVD

What happens when you take some of the greatest voices in Christian music, mix them with uplifting and passionate worship songs, and put it all to some of the most beautiful images of nature ever recorded? You have Given To Him...the worship DVD.

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tn-Given-2-Him-2-3D_.jpg Given To Him - The Worship DVD Two

This second worship DVD features some of the most well loved hymns, including Amazing Grace and Great is thy Faithfulness and songs of praise with stunning new musical arrangements set against breathtaking photography.

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FLBroadcastPack.jpg First Love Special Offer

A $74.85 value for $66.90!

This value pack includes the First Love 2 DVD and 2 CD set as well as the DVD's Given to Him and Given to Him Again.

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tn-journey.jpg Journey of Hope

If your hope needs to be revived, if your hope has been lost, If you have no hope at all. Listen to these stories of hope....

GivenPackSm.jpg Given to Him - Valu Pack

Includes both Given To Him DVD's!

A $39.90 value for $33.95!

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ManOnStreetSM.jpg Man on the Street

Startling and provocative, this program is an effective tool bringing to light the unique perspective of both the Boomers and Generation X.

Now a popular group resource, these short films open the door to discussion about life’s underling values and how defining them will impact today’s culture.

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First Love Special Offer

This value pack includes the First Love 2 DVD and 2 CD set as well as the DVD's Given to Him and Given to Him Again.

On Sale!
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