Kid Universe : God's Incredible Creatures

God's Incredible Creatures: The Gift Of Sharing - Book

Inspired by the creatures featured in the DVD "Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, this board book will delight pre-school children as they learn lessons from nature.


God's Incredible Creatures : To Parents

This character building series, draws important life lessons from nature. Sammy's quest will teach your child that everyone has been given important gifts in life. And gifts are for sharing.

God's Incredible Creatures : About The Author

Heather Soleim's writing was inspired by her love of nature and the sparkling eyes of her own daughter Lily. She seeks to create stories that will entertain, teach and inspire children to enjoy God's incredible creatures.

  • Discussion questions included for parents
  • Designed to be virtually indestructible
  • An excited 3D board book with gift that draws lessons from nature
  • Animals characters all based on animals featured in DVD "Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I".
  • Target Age: Preschool - Elementary School

God's Incredible Creatures : What People Are Saying

"Curious kids everywhere will love this book."

- Dr. Jennifer Jones-Dees, Pediatrician

"Beautifully illustrated and crafted by the writer to entertain and teach children valuable life lessons."

- Lynette Chamberlain, M.E. / Elementary school teacher for over 30 years.