TV Broadcast: The Quickening

The Quickening - DVD



Enter The Firestorm of Godís Grace

A message of hope that is stirring an appetite for God's presence in the church, the state house, and the marketplace.

The Quickening delivers the next level of intensive training and encouragement to Christians everywhere who have set a course toward transforming revival in their own communities and nations.

Hosted by George Otis, Jr., The Quickening features an international cast of todayís most dynamic revival and transformation advocates including John Mulinde, Ruth Ruibal, Campbell McAlpine, Alistair Petrie, Jackson Senyonga, Roger Armbruster, Thomas Muthee, Jack Hayford, Eddie Smith, Harold Caballeros, George Barna and many more.

Part inspiration, part instruction, this "53-minute" DVD presents...

- Compelling evidence that the spiritual quickening foreseen by the prophet Amos is now upon us.

- Expanded teaching on key definitions, core principles, and common obstacles related to community transformation.

Enter into the firestorm of God's grace! Total Running Time: 53 minutes

The Quickening - DVD