The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai - DVD



Two explorers take an incredible expedition into the blistering Arabian Desert and turn up what many scholars believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in history... The real Mt. Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments.

This program tells their amazing story how they crawl into forbidden military installations, and use night vision goggles to avoid being detected as they pursue their mission and discover over a dozen significant remnants still remaining at the site. The explorers embark on a journey that would change their lives forever... Finding remarkable evidence that confirms the Bible as historically accurate.

Weaving together real life adventure historical research and exclusive never-before-released footage, this exciting adventure leaps off the screen to document a story you'll never forget.

The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai - DVD


Hear national radio host Gordon Liddy's exclusive interview with Mt. Sinai explorer Bob Cornuke.
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Explorers risking danger...
Crawling into forbidden military installations...
Using night vision goggles...

And you'll hear about the dramatic and startling discoveries they uncovered when they reached their destination. This 60-minute audio special tells in dramatic detail the incredible expedition to find Mt. Sinai.

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Acclaimed Welsh-born actor John Rhys-Davies is probably best known to film audiences for his roles in the blockbuster hits "Lord of the Rings" series, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." He has also had leading roles in "Coronado", "Victor, Victoria," "The Living Daylights," and "King Solomon's Mine."
Rhys-Davies, who was raised in England, Africa and Wales, credits his early exposure to classic literature for his decision to pursue acting and writing. He later refined his craft at London's renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL MT. SINAI : Experts and Scholars Reviews

Excerpts from Pilgrimage and Holy Space in Late Antique Egypt

"Jewish Pilgrimage and Jewish Identity"
Edited by David Frankfurter
Authored By Dr. Allen Kerkeslager
Brill, Leiden, Boston, Koln; 1998

"Exodus traditions played a central role in Jewish identity in the Greco-Roman period. The mythology of national origins, the distinctive outlines of Jewish ritual and legal practice, and the Jewish liturgy read in the synagogues were all based directly upon the exodus traditions. Jerusalem appropriated the ritual potential of these traditions through the yearly pilgrimage festivals celebrated in the temple. Read more ...


"What could possibly upstage the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Maybe the news that Mt. Sinai, site of the most powerful encounters ever recorded between man and His maker, has been found in Saudi Arabia by Robert Cornuke and Larry Williams."

Ian Reed, Reuters News Agency

"Your explorations are facinating. Your story is remarkable!

National Geographic Television

"It was the most powerful thing I've ever seen!"

Coach Bill McCartney, Founder, Promise Keepers

"This is a masterpiece of research and significance... A great piece of work and one of the most remarkable things that has happened of recent years."

Pastor Jack Hayford

Article: Fourteen Discoveries That Confirm The Bible

For centuries now, Bible scholars have been puzzled as to where the real Mount Sinai is located. Most people are unaware of the fact that not one shred of evidence has been discovered to prove that what is called "Mount Sinai" in the Sinai Peninsula is indeed the famed mountain of Exodus. Several proposed sites for the real Mount Sinai have been suggested by biblical scholars, but there is no archaeological evidence to support any of the claims. In fact, the only reason at all that a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula is called "Mount Sinai" is because around 500 A.D., a fortuneteller guessed this to be its location. Tradition is the only evidence that exists. Read more ...

Article: God's Word, Renegade Explorers and The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai

By the late afternoon light of a Saudi sun, Bob Cornuke could barely make out the cinder block walls stained with the sweat of previous prisoners. He had only a scrap of rug to separate him from the dirt floor of this makeshift cell, and he had never felt more alone in his entire life. Just hours ago, he and a friend were, literally, on top of the world-adventurers fresh from a startling discovery that would rock the foundations of biblical archaeology. Now he was a captive of Saudi Arabia's Frontier Forces, swaggering Bedouins with goatees, dark faces, and billowing robes. He was never more convinced of his mortality, and that his destiny now consisted of a few final breaths and an unmarked grave of sand. Read more ...