TV Broadcast: An Unconventional War

An Unconventional War - DVD



In northern Uganda’s Acholi homeland, thick grasslands conceal dangers of almost unimaginable proportion. Here, it is neither the sun nor the rains that rule the rhythm of is terror.

For nearly two decades, a bizarre predatory cult known as the Lord's Resistance Army has abducted over 25,000 children and turned them into sex slaves and killing machines. the resulting carnage has displaced 80 percent of the region's population.

Now four innocent schoolgirls have been abducted by killers and are dragged into hell. Their Christian parents to left to ponder the girl’s fate. It seems that only one unseen defense is left for the families to deploy.

In An Unconventional War, new weapons have been deployed.. fervent prayer and unique church-state collaboration are finally taming one of history's most brutal insurgencies.

This is a modern day saga of forgiveness, courage and deliverance.

Parent Advisory: Graphic images. Not suitable for small children.

Total Running Time: 90 minutes

An Unconventional War - DVD