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Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil DVD



Despite claims that we are living today in a technologically advanced, scientifically based culture, the fascination with the supernatural realm continues to grow among people of all ages and backgrounds at an exponential rate. Tales of spirit beings, guardian angels, demons, and the hereafter can be found in every bookstore, on every television screen, and in every theatre in our country.

Both Angelology, the study of angels from a Biblical perspective, and Satanology, the study of fallen angels or demonic forces, continue to raise questions and stir up controversy whenever the subjects are broached.

This insightful program carefully examines the metaphysical realm and answers challenging questions regarding whether or not angels really exist. If so, where do they come from? Why were they created? What dimension do they habitat? How do they interact with human beings? What is their purpose?

The Bible recounts stories of both benevolent multitudes of heavenly visitors and their dark counterparts. An angel's announcement to shepherds outside Bethlehem was accompanied by a heavenly host singing, "Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth toward men of goodwill."

What is the difference between the angels who appeared throughout history to the shepherds, the prophets, Jesus, or Mary and those angels we are cautioned not to contact?

Do angels still visit us today? Do we all have guardian angels? What about so-called new-age angels who we are encouraged to pray to? Do they have power to answer our prayers? By contacting angels do we open ourselves up to spiritual delusion? Is the fascination of millions around the world with the unseen world a doorway to unparalleled danger? Can we be deceived by spirits appearing as angels of light? Can we become addicted to their potent influence?

You will see shocking interviews with youngsters who dabbled with the spirit realm and consequently got drawn into a dark world of fear and horror. Making contact with the spirit world, calling upon angelic guides, and conjuring up the dead - practices that were considered taboo only a few decades ago - have been normalized and popularized by the media and are being practiced by a growing number of young people today.

This important and in depth video presentation serves as an important wake up call to those concerned about the impact of the supernatural on their children and loved ones. It offers help to those who have been victimized by spiritual deception. Finally, it reveals positive knowledge about the multitudes of millions of "ministering angels" who perform works of righteousness and have ambassadorial charge over mankind and his universe. "For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep them in all thy ways."

Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil DVD