Inspiring The Soul : Given to Him

Given to Him - The Worship DVD

The #1 selling worship DVD in England.

What happens when you take some of the greatest voices in Christian music, mix them with uplifting and passionate worship songs, and put it all to some of the most beautiful images of nature ever recorded? You have Given To Him...the worship DVD.


Given to Him - The Worship DVD Two

The #1 selling worship DVD series in England.

What happens when you combine some of the best voices in Christian Music with the most amazing images of God's beautiful creation? The answer is, Given to Him - The Worship DVD TWO


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Given to Him - The Worship DVD : What people are saying

"I could not help but lift my eyes and my life to the Creator anew, humbled by the incredibly rich photography and the beautiful hymns and songs of praise."

Dale Mason, Director of Marketing - Gospel Communications International. USA

"Given To Him imparts peace and blessing as a medicine to the soul. It gives honor to the Master of Creation our God in Heaven the Lord Jesus Christ."

Kurt Sprenger, Director - Life Media. Germany

"How refreshing to see a video that not only looks good, but is also spiritually sound and inspirational"

Malcolm Turner, Executive Director - Christian Television Association. U.K.

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