Value Pack: Coming Clean/A Letter To Daddy

Value Pack: Coming Clean/A Letter To Daddy

A $24.90 Value for only $19.95! On Sale!


This value pack includes "Coming Clean" on DVD as well as the DVD "A Letter to Daddy"

A Letter to Daddy - Jorge Valdez was one of America’s most wanted drug lords. As the head of the largest cocaine drug cartel in the United States his life took a dramatic turn when he faced an encounter with Christ. Now Jorge’s life will be shaken again as he encounters his daughter’s personal struggles in A Letter to Daddy. Emotionally, honest and raw A Letter To Daddy will touch your heart and its tenderness reveals the power of love.

Coming Clean - This exciting video will introduce you to Jorge Valdes and his incredible story. His book, Coming Clean, written with Ken Abraham, offers an insider's view of the drug industry and the greed that drives it. And it tells a compelling story of forgiveness, renewal, and hope.

Value Pack: Coming Clean/A Letter To Daddy
$24.90 $19.95 On Sale!