TV Broadcast : Value Pack Lazarus Phenomenon, Supernatural Powers and Bible Code

VALUE PACK: Lazarus Phenomenon - Supernatural Powers - Bible Code - DVDs

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THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON: A Glimpse of Eternity. In search of the truth about returning from the dead.

Edgar Allan Poe once said, "The boundaries between life and death are at best shadowy and vague".

A gallup poll discovered that eight million adult Americans have had near death experiences, roughly one in twenty, spawning a renewed interest in the afterlife reality.

Has anybody really come back from the dead? What lies beyond this life? The medical profession calls the "delayed spontaneous return of intrinsic circulation after cardiac - pulmonary resuscitation": THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON.

SUPERNATURAL POWERS: This insightful program carefully examines the metaphysical realm and answers challenging questions regarding whether or not angels really exist. If so, where do they come from? Why were they created? What dimension do they habitat? How do they interact with human beings? What is their purpose?<>

BIBLE CODE: EXPOSING THE HIDDEN TRUTH: The World Trade Centers attacked.
Los Angeles destroyed by earthquake in 2010.
Nuclear terrorist attack on Jerusalem
that will lead to World War III.

Amazing prophecy secretly hidden away and in the pages of the Bible. Lost for generations, their eerie messages have only recently been able to be deciphered, using the modern technology of computers.

This amazing code described in the New York Times bestsellers, Bible Code and Bible Code II, advance the concept that an unseen hand - that of mysterious space aliens who visited the earth long ago - hid away secret messages from time immemorial in the text of the Hebrew Bible. This astonishing matrix of enlightenment seems to pull back a curtain on the future.

Is the code reliable? Are these incredible predictions true? Can you stake your future on them? Or, are the Bible Codes just another hoax designed to frighten people, create news or worse?

In BIBLE CODE Exposing the Hidden Truth, renowned Hebrew scholar and professor Dr. Kenneth Hanson systematically dismantles the logic behind the Bible Code theory, exposing the hidden hoax and the hidden truth.

VALUE PACK: Lazarus Phenomenon - Supernatural Powers - Bible Code - DVDs
$50.85 $43.25 On Sale!