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Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story - DVD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK



His legacy as a military genius is widely renowned. Now, in Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story, his legacy as a man of resolute Christian character is captured in this revealing documentary. Through stunning High Definition videography and expert narrative, Still Standing traces the life of Stonewall Jackson — from his orphaned childhood, to the Sunday School class he taught for African Americans that has resulted in a lasting impact today, to the pivotal role he played as a General in the Civil War. Still Standing inspires, entertains, and educates as it examines the life of a uniquely American hero.

Still Standing is punctuated by narrative from noted historians James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., Dr. George Grant, William Potter, Virginia Military Institute Col. Keith Gibson; and Francis Lightburn Cressman — great granddaughter of Civil War Union General Joseph Lightburn — among others. The film features striking new footage from Jackson’s boyhood home near Weston, West Virginia; various locations in Lexington, Virginia, and other Civil War locales.

Duration: 48 min. Includes Bonus Features — Including a behind-the-scenes interview with award-winning producer/director Ken Carpenter.

What people are saying about Still Standing…

“...This important documentary will be used in my family to inspire a new generation to look to General Jackson as a man with flaws, but who followed hard after Christ. May mine and I, by God’s grace, stand like a stone wall before the onslaught of the enemy, trusting that we are as safe on the battlefield as we are in our beds...”
— Jim Bob Howard Editor-In-Chief, Homeschooling Today Magazine

“...The film is beautiful. We greatly enjoyed the rich cinematography which is remarkably more vivid and complex with many beautiful intricacies that lent further richness to the well-told storyline. As a home educating family whose children thrive on any bits and pieces of information surrounding the Great War and those involved in it, I appreciate such quality and accuracy in this historical biography of Jackson. Still Standing highlights a man whose intense love for the Lord, unshakable courage in the face of adversity and stalwart faith in the Almighty still impacts my family today in the year 2007...”
— Bethany Vaughn, Writer and homeschool mother of eight

Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story - DVD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK