Life's Story - The One That Hasn't Been Told - DVD



no longer available. What does modern DNA research now prove about the theory that simple cells evolved into all life on earth? Simply that evolution is impossible. So why is this information being kept from the general public? Should Darwins theories still be taught as facts in our educational institutions?

In a wildlife program unlike any other seen before, you will journey to discover the story of life itself. This program examines the long held beliefs that have been the foundation of the whole understanding of natural selection for more than 150 years.

How much can animals change? Why do so many species depend upon one another to survive? Where does instinct and intelligence come from? And what do the designs of creatures alive today reveal about their history?

Learn about the abilities of parrot fish and dolphins, the habits of ostriches and wildebeest, and the skills and instincts of cheetahs, giraffes and lions.

Filmed and researched over a five-year period in more than ten different countries, Life’s Story explores all these issues and many more in on the most visually stunning and informative wildlife productions available today.

Running time 56 minutes
Suggested age range 13 yrs - adult
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Life's Story - The One That Hasn't Been Told - DVD


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LIFE'S STORY - The One That Hasn't Been Told : What People are Saying

"I had to view the program twice, it was so good, I couldn't believe it the first time I watched it."

- Dr. David Rosevear: President of The Creation Science Movement - United Kingdom

"The photography is breathtaking, the science is crystal clear and the application is thoroughly Biblical. Life's Story is surely a contender for Best in it's Class! I commend it wholeheartedly."

- Dr. John Blanchard: Author (John has sold over 15 million books in 40 languages.)

"Life's Story is an exciting educational video about the origin, the relationships and destiny of different creatures that are found in many varied locations on the earth."

- Monty White: CEO Answers in Genesis - United Kingdom