Inspiring the Soul: Chronos

Chronos - DVD



This epic visual and musical journey, produced for the IMAX screen, transcends history, from the cradle of civilization to modern day Paris. This program features startling time-lapse images of the Vatican, the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and nearly 50 other natural and manmade wonders, and is notable for being the first nonverbal, nonfiction program filmed in time-lapse photography.

Available on DVD only.

Chronos takes the viewer on a journey through time using both images and music, beginning at the dawn of civilization and following through to Paris in the present day with stops at some of the world's great man-made marvels along the way. Features original music by Michael Sterns.

*Audio Commentary with Ron Fricke - Director, Michael Stearns - Composer, Alton Walpole - Production Manager

*Behind the Scenes:

1. "The Artists and Their Camera"
2. "The Beam"
3. "The Composer"
4. "The Production Manager"
5. "The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center"

1. "About the Landscapes: Corridors of Time"
2. "About the Landscapes: Essence and the Ancients"
3. "About the Landscapes: Angels, Bells, and Pastorale"
4. "About the Landscapes: Escalator"
5. "About the Landscapes: Voices"
6. "About the Landscapes: Urban Portraits"
7. "About the Landscapes: The Ride"


1. "About the Filmmakers: Ron Fricke"
2. "About the Filmmakers: Alton Walpole"
3. "About the Filmmakers: Michael Stearns"
4. "About the Filmmakers: Mark Magidson"
5. "About the Filmmakers: Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch"

Text/Photo Galleries

*Biographies on the whole Production Team
*Director's Shot List
*Bonus DVD-ROM featuring Weblinks - "Behind the Landscapes" Information from the Columbia Encyclopedia

Chronos - DVD