BBB Redeem Products

What is Buddy?
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There are TWO KINDS of Buddy Sales:

• Buddy Premium Sale:
Products that give a discount and ISSUE Buddy Bucks, and...
• Buddy Redeem Sale:
Products that give an even greater discount and REDEEM Buddy Bucks

Either way you can still Buddy the sale in the same way by telling your Facebook friends of your purchase, and BOTH types of sales reward you with more Buddy bucks when friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends buy from the same online store. Complete Buddy information here.
NOTE: You will be prompted to logon to Facebook as you add a BBB item to your cart. You will also have to allow "DoYouBuddy" as a Facebook plug-in if it is your first time "Buddy-ing".

So Shop On!


The following products are Buddy Redeem items and they REDEEM Buddy Bucks with purchase

Click Here for Buddy Premium products that ISSUE Buddy Bucks with your purchase.